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Helensville Golf Club is within 10 mins from B&B. Located amidst farmland and lifestyle blocks, the course whilst on easy terrain offers a challenge to golfers of all abilities, with tree lined fairways and American Standard sand based greens

There are 3 other golf club around B&B.
South Head Golf Club

Huapai golf Club

Muriwai Golf Club

You can find any other golf courses in this site.


Tree Adventures

is an exciting new outdoor activity that offers an experience unlike anything else. With 10 different courses ranging from 3 to 14 metres above the ground, there’s something for everyone. Each course has a series of fun and challenging activities that wind their way through the treetops, ending with an exhilarating flying fox ride to bring you swiftly back down to earth.

Little Forest B&B

1034 Peak Rd, Helensville, Auckland 022-189-0551


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